The digitization of agriculture in Cote d’Ivoire

New technologies and global digitalization influence many sectors of activity in Côte d’Ivoire. Agriculture is not left out of this observation.

Indeed, in recent years, we are witnessing a democratization of the means of communication and a liberalization of Internet access. These different factors affect all segments of the Ivorian population, so that almost all Ivorians of working age have a cell phone.

For example, according to Commodafrica figures, while in 2000 there were about 3 mobile subscriptions for every 100 Ivorians, this figure had risen to 135 by 2018, apparently the latest year of available statistics. The population with access to the internet has grown from 2.7% in 2010 to 47% eight years later. About 95% of the territory has 3G or 4G LTE reception.

The creation of start-ups and E-agriculture projects are proof of the interest of the agricultural sector in new technologies. These technologies, used in an efficient way, allow not only to facilitate the production but also the export of products.

Through the use of algorithms, for example, it is possible to provide farmers with the most targeted information regarding their crop, production site, weather conditions, etc.

The use of social networks allows farmers and cooperatives to find potential buyers and partners.

However, despite the fact that digitalization is a boon for agriculture in Côte d’Ivoire, it is still in its infancy.

Internet access has certainly been democratized in the country’s cities, but remains precarious in some inland regions. Added to this are electrification concerns and the fact that many people in these regions do not know how to use digital technology.

In addition, the use of technology in the production and marketing of agricultural products is still mostly done by large companies or exporters of agricultural products. The actors of small-scale agriculture prefer more traditional and less costly methods.

Aware of the importance of new technologies in tomorrow’s agriculture, the company PRIME PRESTIGE wants to be a pioneer in this field. Thus, thanks to its presence on the different networks, but also to the use of the most adapted technological means to the international markets, we take up the challenge of a more digital agriculture. Our mission is to facilitate the access of our local partners, whether they are growers or cooperatives, to buyers located abroad.

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