Nowadays in Côte d’Ivoire, the sale of raw materials faces many constraints. Thus between post-harvest losses and the lack of opportunities for reliable and concrete outlets, the task is not easy for our producers.  

Therefore, our country Cote d’Ivoire through the Agricultural Commodity Exchange will start operations towards the end of next March. This exchange hosted at the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) should start with quotations of some commodities including corn, cashew nuts and kola nuts.

This new exchange platform with the actors will allow to determine a price reflecting the game of supply and demand, which will serve as a reference for national and international negotiations of contracts on the market, according to the Director General of the BRVM Mr. EDOH KOSSI AMENOUNVE.

This exchange will also facilitate the marketing of our agricultural products within the country, but will also reduce post-harvest losses related to poor storage and handling conditions. An improvement or a second wind will be given to several other basic commodities such as natural rubber and palm oil for the future according to our authorities.

Thanks to the launch of this project, our country will join the ranks of African nations that have opted for the installation of agricultural commodity exchanges such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

As a reminder, Cote d’Ivoire through its government has since 2019, built 108 storage warehouses of cashew nuts in the interior of the country to support processors but also stock exchange transactions on raw materials. 

Espoir Olodo / Agence Ecofin

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