Rubber tree industry: meeting of professional nurserymen in Yamoussoukro

The hevea season is coming soon. In the perspective of this one, the different actors of the rubber sector are preparing themselves in order to make it a success. Thus, on May 5th, a meeting was held at the cashew innovation and technology center located in Yamoussoukro between the members of the College of Professional Nurserymen of the rubber sector (COPPHECI)

This meeting whose aim was to discuss the improvement of working conditions ended, following lively discussions, with the adoption of consensual recommendations.

The nurserymen first of all asked that contracts be signed between the Association of Natural Rubber Professionals (APROMAC) and the COPPHECI at the beginning of the campaign precisely in the month of April or March and especially for the next campaign which begins in July. Participants also demanded the reimbursement of non-validated seedlings in the plantations during the 2020 campaign and the revision of the letter of commitment under its practical provisions.

It was also suggested that COPPHECI should be involved in all decisions concerning nurserymen at APROMAC level. Traoré Mamadou, President of COPPHECI, took this opportunity to decry the fact that nurserymen are always subject to decisions taken within the sector, even though they play a leading role in the sector. While regretting consequently decisions taken against the nurserymen without involving them. Not without taking offence at the fixing of prices without the nurserymen’s right of view.

Prime Prestige, a company operating in the rubber tree sector, is also preparing for the next campaign. The objective is to satisfy the buyers through good quality products while respecting the rights of the actors of the sector.


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