Mango sector: The different prices and dates for the new 2021 campaign

As part of the launch of the 2021-2022 season, the Board of Directors of the interprofessional mango organization was held last Saturday in Korhogo, in the city of Poro. 

The aim was to define the date of the mango season and to establish the various prices. The price of the box edge field is 2400 FCfa against 2350 FCfa in 2020. The price of the kilo of mango at the factory is 200 FCFA against 195 FCFA for the last campaign. The date of the new campaign is set for April 5 next.

This announcement was made during a meeting of the Board of Directors of the interprofessional organization of the mango, in collaboration with four members of the colleges of producers, traders and packaging providers. 

As a reminder, the exported volumes have gone from 26 244 tons in 2020 against 40 426 tons in 2019, resulting in a dry loss of one billion FCfa on the export of mango. And this, due to the negative impact of the coronavirus disease. For this campaign, all stakeholders want to rise from this fall caused by the health status in the world while redoubling efforts for its success. 

Pascal Nembelessini Silue, chairman of the board of directors of Inter-Mangue, emphasized the processing, respect for the prices set by Inter-Mangue in the packaging centers and phytosanitary control to preserve the quality of our products, especially to put in place the barrier measures and other sanitary instructions issued by the government to counter the pandemic of covid-19.

However, Prime Prestige, one of the national leaders in the export of raw materials to international markets will not remain on the sidelines of this campaign of 2021.

As a supplier of fresh mango, this new campaign will be an opportunity for Prime Prestige to position itself as a leader in this sector.

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